Workshop B - Tuesday 27th October 2015, 5:30pm - 8:30pm
How to achieve best outcomes in stakeholder engagement

Delivering value for all stakeholders depends on trust, collaboration and most of all, high-quality relationships. Discover how to develop an effective stakeholder engagement strategy that drives organisational performance. You will unpack and simplify complex stakeholder engagement theories and tools and learn how to develop a stakeholder engagement strategy that will help you avoid risks, develop solutions to shared problems and build your reputation.


Key themes include:

  • The stakeholder principle and how it is defined in popular CSR frameworks such as GRi
  • How stakeholder relationships build trust, create social capital and improve social performance
  • Best practices in stakeholder engagement with reference to real world case studies
  • The organisational aspects of implementing a successful CSR strategy

What you will take away from the workshop:

  • Identify stakeholders and analyse issues
  • Map links between issues and stakeholders
  • Use stakeholder maps to generate insights for tactics
  • Classify and prioritise stakeholders
  • Develop an effective approach to planning stakeholder engagement



* Refreshments & dinner included

Dr Leeora Black
Founder & Managing Director

Leeora D. Black, PhD is a globally recognised CSR and sustainability expert and has more than 30 years’ experience in helping organisations adapt to their changing environments.


A driving force in the field of corporate social responsibility in Australia, Leeora is known for her pioneering work on stakeholder engagement, as much as her ability to analyse and solve complex CSR and management issues.


Leeora works with senior managers and executive teams to create effective corporate and stakeholder strategies and build management capabilities. She is passionate about nurturing the development of the CSR profession and she works to transfer knowledge and skills to facilitate continuous improvement for clients and colleagues both during and after engagements.

Workshop A - Monday 26th October 2015, 9:00am - 4:00pm
How to measure & benchmark corporate community investment

LBG is the international standard for measuring and benchmarking community investment used by companies around the world. LBG enables companies to capture corporate community investment data in a systematic manner and apply logic to social investment. Access to benchmark and peer data and the ability to assess the outputs and impacts of community initiatives enhances internal decision-making and planning.


Key themes include:

  • Benchmarking your community investment activities with corporate peers
  • Informing strategic development
  • Effective management of annual reporting

What you will take away from the workshop:

  • Share knowledge and best practice effectively across your business
  • Communicate the benefits of your community programs and strategies
  • Report accurately on your community investment


* Refreshments & dinner included

Simon Robinson
LBG Australia

Simon has been LBG Director since 2009 servicing the 50 strong corporate membership to measure and benchmark what they contribute to community, what happens as a result and what changes. The Australia New Zealand membership chapter is by far the largest group outside of the UK.


Simon is specialist in measurement and benchmarking of corporate community investments and impact assessment. He has been a CSR professional since the early 1990′s having held a range of positions here and in Europe including Deputy Regional Director for Business in the Community (UK), GM for Corporate Responsibility at Sensis and inaugural CEO of Melbourne / Australia Cares.


Simon has been a sustainability professional with experience of both corporate and not for profit sector. He is experienced in operational and strategic management of organisations including communications, people, stakeholder relations, finance, fund raising, partnership brokerage. He has completed training from the Partnership Brokers Accreditation Scheme.


He believes impact assessment is the key to unlocking greater and more effective resources from the corporate sector.

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