Drive competitive advantage as a socially and environmentally responsible organisation
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26th & 27th November 2019
Sydney Boulevard Hotel
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Day 1 - Tuesday 26th November, 2019

Registration, coffee & networking
Opening remarks from the Chair
Executing your CSR & sustainability strategy
Evolving CSR & sustainability practice towards an integrated model

This presentation will provide a strategic and forward looking view of how the role is rapidly evolving and what are emerging challenges and opportunities. Andrew will provide a framework with examples that may allow companies to leapfrog their thinking in this space. It will focus around three interlocking themes of:

  • The “continuum” of ESG Practices – innovation in business operations to create change
  • The convergence of commercial and sustainability practices to create win-win shared value
  • The need for companies to recognise and operate holistically in the “horizontal” of the different dimensions of CSR and sustainability
Andrew Buay
Vice President, Group Sustainability
OPENING PANEL DISCUSSION: Redefining capitalism

Introduced and Chaired by Helen Steel, Chief Executive Officer of the Shared Value Project

The global shift towards purpose-driven business has never been stronger, or more urgent – with rising social issues posing an increasing threat to our operating environments. As supported by the US Business Roundtable’s landmark rejection of shareholder primacy in August, the corporate sector is increasingly faced with two options: adapt or die.

This panel discussion will offer a strategic perspective on how companies can become more profitable, sustainable and resilient by improving the world in which they operate, using initiatives like shared value as a tool.

Stuart Palmer
Head of Ethics Research
Australian Ethical Investment
Helen Steel
Chief Executive Officer
Shared Value Project

In this fun, interactive session, you will have the opportunity to meet fellow attendees and speakers in two minute bursts, to exchange business cards and set up conversations for the rest of the event.

Morning tea & networking
Purpose-led strategy development – Is your business feeding into the prosperity of your customers and communities, or off it?
  • Understanding your organisation’s purpose so that it informs your vision and strategy
  • Developing a long-term strategic plan for sustainability and success for all your business’s stakeholders
  • Harnessing business-community and B2B partnership models to turbo-charge your outcomes
  • Using this model to enable innovation and support effective decision making across the business
Nicole Rooke
Head of Investor Relations & Corporate Strategy
Bendigo & Adelaide Bank
Reducing disasters, building resilience & creating future growth
  • How we are investing in the future of our business by making communities safer
  • Developing future thinking mindsets to enable future risks to be considered in decision making
  • Uncovering new opportunities, models or products – untapped methods and unmet needs
Lee McDougall
Executive Manager, Shared Value Strategy & Projects
Networking lunch
PANEL DISCUSSION: How businesses are addressing human rights
  • Implementing the Modern Slavery Act – How are organisations ensuring compliance against a new benchmark for standards on ethical business practice?
  • How do we demonstrate active steps towards this?
  • Mitigating risk and reviewing policies to avoid complicity in human rights abuses
  • Managing branding – responding the revelations of human trafficking in your supply chain
Richard Boele
Partner, Human Rights & Social Impact Services, KPMG Banarra
Global Leader, Business & Human Rights Services, KPMG
Margaret Stuart
Head of Corporate and External Relations
Nestle Oceania
Purpose driven innovation
Innovation with purpose: Improving the environmental performance of packaging
  • Waste chain or value chain? Thinking outside the box and along the chain
  • What are the business impacts of an increased focus on waste?
  • Taking a collective action approach at all levels with industry, government and customers to minimise environmental impact
Margaret Stuart
Head of Corporate and External Relations
Nestle Oceania
Gain crucial Board buy-in for CSR & Sustainability initiatives
  • Listen – Understanding what matters to the Board and Senior Executive
  • Strategise – Creating activities which align with the organisation’s most important goals
  • Position – Pitching to the Board / Senior Executive. Nail the pitch and avoid classic presenting mistakes
  • Execution – Driving strategy adoption across the broader business
  • Assess – What to do now to make sure you have ongoing support from the Board and senior executive
  • Report – building trust and relationships and making sure you get the support you need next time
Sara Hales
The Bold Effect
Afternoon tea & networking
Driving social innovation through core business
  • NAB’s approach to delivering social impact, including a focus on shared value
  • Real examples of our partnerships, product and service innovations delivering societal and business outcomes
  • A focus on foundations: Training, engagement and communications to build the social innovation capabilities of employees and partners
Kate Ross
Head of Social Innovation
Unlocking new value through sustainability
  • Aligning strategy and purpose for sustainable and scalable impact
  • Creating shared value through social innovation programs
  • An overview of the Future Makers program
  • How we are leveraging these solutions to create new value for our business
Helen Maisano
Director, Group Sustainability
Closing remarks from the Chair & close of Day One

Day 2 - Wednesday 27th November, 2019

Welcome, coffee & networking
Opening remarks from the Chair
The challenge of: Enhancing social & environmental accountability
B-corp for ethical business
  • Unpacking the rising B-corp movement in Australia and across the globe
  • Growing transparency, accountability and purpose-led business through B-corp
  • How the B-corp framework is used to measure impact on employees, customers, community, environment
The challenge of: Embedding purpose at the core of your business
Growing with purpose: Staff, customers, community
  • Overview of the ‘Chief Purpose Officer’ role
  • Taking the next steps as a B-Corp
  • Towards climate positive operations and impact
Leigh Barnes
Chief Purpose Officer
Sustainability at SYD, in for the long haul
  • Embedding sustainability in our business
  • Linking sustainability performance to the cost of capital through our Sustainability Linked Loan
  • Climate resilience, critical infrastructure and transparency
  • Managing and enhancing our environment
Jane Rotsey
General Manager, Safety, Sustainability and Environment
Sydney Airport
Morning tea & networking
The challenge of: Building effective partnerships
Connecting purpose, partnerships & shared value
  • Engaging with partners to create social impact in communities
  • Leveraging Arup’s capabilities in pro bono work and shared value projects
  • Aligning our purpose with the SDGs, outcomes, and impact measurement
Michelle Cheah
Australasia Community Engagement Manager
Mirvac as a force for good
  • Mirvac’s sustainability strategy, This Changes Everything, is focused on materiality and purpose
  • Setting bold goals to make a big difference
Sarah Clarke
Group General Manager, Sustainability & Reputation
The challenge of: Branding, reputation and unlocking business value
How to get customers to care

One one hand, here’s Patagonia, on the other hand there’s Pepsi. Why is that some companies have successfully made sustainability a key driver of brand, purpose and customer preference when others have tried but failed? In this session, Ben looks at the five rules of getting it right.

Ben Peacock
Republic of Everyone
Networking lunch
WORLD CAFE DISCUSSION: Emerging challenges sustainability priorities & challenges for business

This interactive session will allow you to deep dive into the emerging priorities and challenges for businesses in driving social impact and ensuring responsible business practices. In small groups, you will get the chance to discuss one of the following topics.

  • Communicating your impact to your business and stakeholders
  • Approaches to demonstrate strong sustainability practices
  • Building trust, transparency and accountability
Afternoon tea & networking
Building an authentic responsible bank brand
  • Moving beyond CSR to translate purpose into a brand that differentiates your organisation
  • Taking the risk and being an advocate for positive change on behalf of customers and staff
Fiona Nixon
Head of Strategy & Communications
Bank Australia

This interactive session will close event discussions and give participants the opportunity to reflect on their learnings and what they have taken away from the conference

Closing remarks from the Chair & close of Conference
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Key Speakers

Andrew Buay
Vice President, Group Sustainability
Lee McDougall
Executive Manager, Shared Value Strategy & Projects
Leigh Barnes
Chief Purpose Officer
Fiona Nixon
Head of Strategy & Communications
Bank Australia