Integrating technologies with human capability for end-to-end CX
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27th - 29th November 2019
ICC Sydney
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Day 1 - Wednesday 27th November, 2019

Registration, coffee & networking
Opening remarks from the Chair
Positioning your contact centre at the heart of your customer centric program
Embracing customer centric culture in service delivery
  • Creating a top-down, bottom-up shared vision of customer centricity
  • Redefining performance metrics to encourage customer engagement
  • Designing CX as a core part of the organisation’s digital transformation program
Sue Ferguson
Director Contact Centres
Service NSW
Transforming contact centres to become proactive, dynamic & intuitive customer engagement centres
  • How to change engraved mindsets about contact centres that are traditionally viewed as ‘cost centres’
  • Aligning processes across businesses to drive customer advocacy
  • Building credibility to lead change through people, processes and technology
  • Structuring a framework by creating visibility, ownership and aligned teams
Kristina Pushik
Head of Contact Centre
NIB Travel Insurance

In this fun, interactive session, you will have the opportunity to meet fellow attendees and speakers in two minute bursts, to exchange business cards and set up conversations for the rest of the event

Morning tea & networking
Re-focusing on the customer service ethos to deliver, cost effectively, an award winning CX
  • Reducing the number of contacts per customer to get the problem solved
  • The do’s and don’ts of case management
  • FCR is not dead! Encouraging agents to take ownership and provide proactive services
  • Measuring the customer experience to validate your quality assurance and enhance your work processes
Antoine Casgrain
General Manager National Contact Centre
PANEL DISCUSSION: Leveraging customer insights effectively to develop customer engagement strategies
  • Creating a data-driven culture which focuses on the customer every step of the way
  • Having the right processes to drive efficiency on a daily basis
  • Identifying high performance and the right type of measurement
Tina Morrell
General Manager Customer Strategy & Experience
Vesna Olles
General Manager Product & Customer Marketing
Amrita Bhattacharyya
Former Head of Customer Strategy and Experience Design
Networking lunch
  • Roundtable A: In house vs outsourcing: balancing between the quality of services and cost of operations
  • Roundtable B: Recruiting and retention for centre operation excellence
  • Roundtable C: Moving contact centre to the cloud
  • Roundtable D: Analysing the impact of bots and AI have in the contact centres
Tom Hatch
Manager - National & Strategic Sales
DFP Recruitment Services
Building team culture to improve customer experience
  • How to start CX improvement in the first place
  • Using team behaviours and missions statements to improve interactions
  • Helping the team take ownership of their roles and customer interactions
Damien Robinson
Senior Customer Service Advisor
Blue Mountains City Council
Afternoon tea & networking
Optimising omnichannel strategies to provide consistent services
Driving digital transformation across omnichannel
  • Exploring the evolving engagement needs of customers
  • Has customer needs really changed over the last 10 years?
  • How has technology influenced the service delivery?
  • What should we expect in the next decade?
Ritu Sinha
CX Transformation
Prioritising omnichannel for enhanced customer engagement
  • Integrating channels to provide a single and simple view of all customer touchpoints
  • Ensuring services and information are consistent across all channels
  • Assuring the process is seamless when switching channels to reduce customer effort
Lawrence Drayton
Head of Operations
OVO Mobile
Will contact centres survive the 4th industrial revolution?
  • How the evolving technological landscape has affected the contact centre industry
  • How and when to make the call to move your contact centre back onshore
  • How do you realign your contact centre to the CX expectations of today and tomorrow?
Probir Geoffrey Dutt
Automation Evangelist Group Technology
Closing remarks from the Chair & close of Day One

Day 2 - Thursday 28th November, 2019

Welcome, coffee & networking
Welcome remarks from the Chair
Leveraging AI & other technology to enhance customer satisfaction
Analysing the impact of bots & AI have in the contact centres
  • Is AI going to replace your job or improve your working life?
  • Where to start? Developing a strategy from internal adoption
  • Closing the gap between technology and human capability
Eric Nguyen
Robotics and Automation Lead
Integrating contact centres globally to deliver consistent & accurate services
  • Exploring Knowledge Management (KM) in the era of AI
  • Planning and integrating quality program to align with Mastercard’s vision
  • Implementing speech analytics to overcome challenges across regions
Renzo Urzua
Global Contact Centre Management Trainer
Morning tea & networking

In this interactive session, delegates will have the opportunity to ask either the facilitator or other delegates in the room, to get their challenges or questions solved on the spot

Leveraging data and Human Centred Design to improve service delivery
  • What is the relationship between data modelling and CX
  • How to design improved customer experience and organisational efficiency through automation
Robert Barać
Human Centred Design Lead, Innovation – Government Sector Transaction Banking
Optimising workforce planning & employee engagement
How to engage a workforce to deliver a brilliant customer experience

Case study: How Allianz achieved an Engagement score of 87%

  • Establishing an engagement programme to actively manage frontline
  • Overcoming challenges in maintaining individual performance
  • Increasing efficiency by creating a healthy working environment
  • Enhancing diversity and inclusion to create a safe workplace
Vince Santamaria
Contact Centre Manager
Networking lunch
PANEL DISCUSSION: Delivering empowerment strategies to promote greater employee accountability & engagement
  • Leading, as opposed to simply managing your people, in order to build a highly effective team that performs
  • Establishing a reward framework to encourage excellent services
  • Providing training to close the gap in communication and customer engagement
Michael Francis
Assistant Director Workforce Planning
Australian Public Service Commission
Scott Cumming
Workforce Planning Manager
Danko Mitrovic
Senior Manager, Workforce Planning
CASE STUDY: Empowering frontline team through innovative workforce management

Case study on the latest step in IAG’s transformation into a genuinely flexible workplace environment

  • Demonstrating how Switch app enabling agent rosters to support a healthy work/life balance
  • Overcoming the challenges of creating an innovative solution in a traditionally conservative organisation
  • Leading the flexible work transformation to transit more than 70% of the role of the frontline to work from home
Tim Buzza
Manager Workplace Innovation
Afternoon tea & networking
Gaining buy-in from the senior management team to drive the change
  • Increasing the awareness of the need for change management
  • Quantifying the outcome of change and communicate to management
  • Implementing and reinforcing change management
Amrita Bhattacharyya
Former Head of Customer Strategy and Experience Design
Deploying a forward-thinking workforce planning strategy
  • Balancing customer, cultural and company outcomes to build a business case for workforce planning initiatives
  • Communication and change management from executives to the frontline
  • Forecasting and closing the gap between the current and future capability requirements in your organisation
Michael Francis
Assistant Director Workforce Planning
Australian Public Service Commission

This session provides delegates with a platform to have their ideas heard. Individuals can submit proposals to participate and, if they are chosen, will be given a short time on stage to present:

  • Lessons learned from the summit
  • Steps to success
  • Add value to your contact centres
Closing remarks from the Chair & close of Conference
Workshop A: Regaining customer trust through redefined Net Promoter System (NPS)
Friday 29th November 2019, 9:00am – 12:00pm

Perhaps now more than ever before we are in search of relationships we can TRUST. In every aspect of our lives, we crave trust. We look for it from our family, our friends, our employers, our communities and our business relationships. Trust is intrinsically fragile to establish but as it develops it can become robust. However, after it has been broken it is difficult to rebuild. 

Trust in public and private organisations has come under significant examination over the last few years. We have seen significant incidents occur that have really challenged the way the Australian public now think about organisations that may have historically been very trusted. More importantly, our awareness of the financial and reputational implications of compromised trust has been amplified.

So, can we actually develop a program to measure trust? We know what trust is once we experience it, feel it, have it. Do we understand clearly the drivers of trust? Do we understand the triggers in our own organisations that undermine or enhance our customers’ experience?

Many organisations have invested in NPS to explore and understand customer loyalty. But is there something more?

Learn how to

  • Move beyond NPS / Customer Satisfaction programs
  • Assess your company trust credentials
  • Identify the positives and negative triggers that have an impact on trust
  • Define what customers experience needs to look like
  • Assess how you presently measure up to your goal state
  • Identify the pillars that make up trust
  • Develop a plan outline to drive alignment across all your customer experience channels
  • Identify the outcomes your company requires
  • Leverage NPS to enable decision-making and customer loyalty

Price: $499 + GST

* Refreshments provided

Michael Ossipoff
Independent Consultant
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Workshop B: Leveraging Voice of Customer (VoC) & employee engagement to improve customer experience
Friday 29th November 2019, 1:00pm – 4:00pm

Data-driven VoC analytics is proven to increase lifecycle value and reduce churn by delivering the insights companies need to dramatically improve brand and product experiences. Organisations that have well-developed VoC programs consider feedback from every customer, respond immediately, and ultimately use what they learn to make improvements across departments.

In this workshop, participants will be provided with tools and techniques on analysing customer feedback to transform unstructured feedback into usable data and insight to form strategies that offers your customers the optimal experience.

Gain tangible insights on

  • Framework to examine your customer insight opportunities
  • Practical tools to self assess your “customer insight maturity”
  • Case studies and learning in co-designing for customer outcomes
  • Practical action planning to achieve results
  • Increasing staff engagement – why and how

Price: $499 + GST

* Refreshments provided

Belinda Dalgleish
Voice of the Customer Program Coordinator
City of Casey
Amanda Williams
Customer Service Manager
Andrew Carlton
Director & Former GM & VP Customer Service, Australia & New Zealand
Customer Science & AMEX
Todd Gorsuch
Chief Executive Officer
Customer Science
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Key Speakers

Sue Ferguson
Director Contact Centres
Service NSW
Renzo Urzua
Global Contact Centre Management Trainer
Kristina Pushik
Head of Contact Centre
NIB Travel Insurance
Tim Buzza
Manager Workplace Innovation