Seeking strategic opportunities in a highly regulated funding environment
Conference Date
Thursday 23rd March 2017 & Treasury Seminar 24th March
Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Sydney
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Adapting bank funding strategies to regulatory change

A timely industry-led conference to address the opportunities and challenges that can be drawn from liquidity regulation to help influence future bank funding strategies.

Banks are shifting their funding profiles in response to a highly regulated environment. Liquidity regulation will significantly change how banks fund and manage their balance sheets and these changes will have knock-on effects to the banking market more broadly in terms of pricing and availability of funds. This conference will address the opportunities, challenges and advantages that can be drawn from regulation to help influence future funding strategies for all participants in Australia’s diverse banking market.

Industry practitioners will:
  • Review signifi cant regulatory implications to bank funding
  • Share strategic responses to liquidity regulation Examine securitisation as a funding and capital relief option
  • Provide an outlook for bank wholesale funding & deposit markets
  • Look for better liquidity and funding outcomes based on contract maturity

  • Who will attend?
    Large, regional and mutual banks as well as building societies and credit unions from the following areas:
  • Treasury
  • Funding
  • Balance Sheet Management
  • Asset & Liability Management
  • Finance
    Along with regulators, investment banks and rating agencies

    Attend to learn:

    • Funding profiles and strategies under LCR & NSFR
    • Changing terms and maturity of funding
    • Outlook for wholesale and deposit markets
    • Strategies for maintaining a stable funding profile
  • Post Conference Treasury Seminar

    • Bank funding strategies for smaller institutions
    • Led by the treasurers of CUA, Heritage Bank & Greater Bank
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    Key Speakers

    Peter Haller
    Heritage Bank
    Chris Dalton
    Chief Executive Officer
    Australian Securitisation Forum
    Peter Casey
    Deputy Treasurer
    ING Bank Australia



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