Culture, legacy systems, skill gaps, enterprise architecture & interoperability
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18th & 19th July 2017
QT Canberra
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Can the As-a-Service model deliver service improvement and cost benefits?

With the Whole of Government IT portfolio gradually shifting from Department of Finance to the Digital Transformation Agency, attention is focussed on future strategy for the Public Sector. One of the core projects for the DTA will be centred around cloud services and increasing adoption across Agencies.

The recent growth of providers on the cloud panel, coupled with the creation of the Digital Marketplace, has increased the opportunity for Government to transition to a consumption based IT model. However current challenges have restricted adoption with only 0.5% of federal government IT in the cloud.

From culture to legacy systems and security, outdated business processes and access to the right talent, the challenges are significant. The Overcoming the Challenges of As-a-Service conference will bring together leaders and practitioners tasked with leading the transition away from ‘in house’ solutions.

Enhance your conference experience with:

  • 18+ fantastic speakers discussing their case studies around moving to As-a-Service
  • Speed Networking session: get ready to meet new people, make connections & build your network
  • Day 1 Vendor Roundtable session to understand how you can improve vendor relationships
  • Day 2 Government speaker roundtable sessions to have in depth conversations with the speakers to get all of your pressing questions answered
  • Spotlight session: to hear experiences from like-minded professionals on their As-a-Service journey

Who will attend?

Leaders from the Public Sector including:

  • Chief Information Officers
  • Heads of IT Strategy
  • Heads of IT Infrastructure
  • Heads of Enterprise Architecture
  • Heads of IT Operations
  • Heads of IT Networks
  • Heads of Business Services
  • Heads of IT Planning

Attend to learn:

  • Assess your current service & technology environment
  • Overcome core legacy challenges
  • Cultural change & skill gaps
  • Manage migration, integration & interoperability issues
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Key Speakers

Nathan Young
Chief Architect
Australia Post
Joumana El Hassen
Director ICTaaS Transformation, CIO Group
Department of Human Services


What People Are Saying

  • It’s a great opportunity to meet with a whole range of senior executives who are obviously very time poor…We had a speaking slow which was fantastic, and a booth on the floor where we had a lot of detailed conversations and demonstrations

    David Oakley
    Managing Director ANZ, ServiceNow
  • We have a huge cloud migration project. So this really helps us to see what service providers are out there and see what other people are doing. We would like to learn from things that have already happened.

    Ben Bates
    QLD Government


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