Are you targeting customers on the right social media platforms?

Nov 13
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When it comes to social media usage in Australia* Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Youtube are the most popular platforms for combined personal and professional engagement. So, if you’re looking to start advertising across social platforms and you want the best bang for your buck, choose Facebook and LinkedIn initially. You can run a range of different campaigns across both sites (with different graphics, messaging and audience profile) targeting both consumers and businesses, safe in the knowledge that your desired audience is likely to be there.


In terms of giving your campaign the best possible chance of going viral, make sure you’re advertising on the right platforms. People will generally share lighter content (such as funny pictures or memes, inspiring quotes, fun or motivational videos etc.) through their Facebook page, interesting news (both general and specific to their industry/profession) through their Twitter and Google+ profiles and, unsurprisingly, LinkedIn remains the place to share industry news articles, whitepapers, eBooks and other educational pieces relative to your industry.


So if you’re a B2C seller, post your lighthearted, shareable content on Facebook and Twitter and if you’re in the B2B game, make sure you have a presence on LinkedIn via a company profile page and some paid advertising campaigns to reach your target audience. You don’t have to spend much to get things off the ground!

Hopefully these insights will be useful as you look to develop or perfect your social media strategy. If you currently do not have a social footprint, this is a good place to understand why you need to get involved. As the saying goes: “We don’t have a choice on whether we DO social media, the question is how well we DO it.” – Erik Qualman

*These survey insights relate to a group of 1,900+ Australian consumers working across a range of industry sectors surveyed in October 2013.

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