Are you being followed?

Nov 13
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What would it be like to actually live inside your social media channels?

That’s a concept this video puts forward. A young man strolls through his Facebook feeds, gets (literally) followed by someone on twitter and basks in the glory of his likes.

SOCIAL NETWORK from Beomseok Yang on Vimeo.

Whether retail, universities or government, there are few organisations that haven’t fully embraced social media marketing as the new norm. But this question I had in my mind while watching this was, how do any messages get through?

The protagonist’s world looked fast-paced and rushed – ‘sound bites’ rather than really engaging content.

But maybe this is a conversation the world has had before. Wasn’t television supposed to ruin our brains too?

So what do you think about the video?

For me, I did feel a little uncomfortable about the realities of ‘facebook stalking’ in this imagined social media world, but the most uncomfortable thing was the pang of sadness when the poor kid dropped his phone.

Maybe I’m also addicted to information, or to networking, but they’re what Criterion is all about and I don’t think I’d have it any other way.


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