6 steps to recruit and retain women in the workplace

Feb 14
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With organisations across Australia being held to far more stringent and transparent reporting requirements of gender diversity by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency, there is even more motivation to work towards gender diversity – not to mention the multitude of advantages that comes with it.

Below are 6 steps to implement a gender diversity strategy to effectively recruit and retain women in your workplace:

  1. Get support from senior management – there is no way human resources can achieve this without it! Their support sends the message to the organisation that gender diversity is a priority. Work with senior management to set gender diversity targets, engage the hiring managers to understand and help implement the gender diversity policy, and hold everyone accountable to the agreed targets and policy.
  2. Build an employer brand – To effectively recruit women in a competitive environment, it is crucial to build an employer brand and an employment value proposition to communicate to prospective candidates why your organisation is a good choice of employer. Maybe look into becoming an Employer of Choice.
  3. Advertise the roles to women – Think outside the box when it comes to communicating a job opportunity. Monitor language in the job specification to engage women, utilise social media as an innovative way to reach candidates and discuss the importance of gender diversity to your recruitment company.
  4. Adjust your recruitment process – There are a variety of factors in the recruitment process that could help or hinder the recruitment of women. Hold unconscious bias training to ensure a level playing field for candidates, draw from a diverse candidate pool and balance the interview panel
  5. Look at flexibility– One of the major concerns for the retention of women is workplace flexibility. Talk about the challenges in juggling work and life early and often with employees (even before they start talking about having families), offer support through the parental leave phase and then consider how flexible work arrangements might suit your organisation.
  6. Cultivate an inclusive culture – The key to retention is having an organisation that women want to stay and work in. Examine your corporate culture and examine how female-friendly it is. Make sure the talent development and promotion processes are fair, provide networking and support opportunities for women in the organisation and cultivate a culture that respects a truly diverse workforce.

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