5 ways small service providers can survive under the NDIS

Apr 14
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Many people question whether the NDIS is the end of small disability service providers, due to the major concerns of uncertain cash flow and increased competition. But despite the complex challenges, there are proactive strategies out there that small service providers can take to help them succeed in this new environment:

  1.  Adapt a New & Sustainable Business Model
    Commercial partnerships and shared service models are a great way for small businesses to amalgamate and survive in challenging times. We looked into the critical success factors of a disability service coalition in a previous post, check it out here (Link to ‘Building a coalition: A survival strategy for small disability service providers’ blog post, due for posting on 10th March).
  2. Achieve Cost Efficiencies through Streamlined Systems
    Identify opportunities to streamline and automate systems, whether through using certain technologies or centralising your administrative procedures. The initial investment in technology will pay off with long term cost savings and efficiencies.
  3. Demonstrate Value to Consumers
    In order to survive commercially you have to be able to demonstrate value to your consumers. Achieve this by defining your value proposition and build a competitive advantage by differentiating your service.
  4. Develop a Strong Brand
    Once you have defined your value proposition you need to develop a strong brand to create awareness of your service. The first step to building an effective brand is to understand your consumer needs.
  5. Prepare your Workforce for the Future
    Take a strategic approach to planning your workforce for the NDIS. Organisational restructures are a great way to bring positive change. Develop and promote leaders who will thrive in the new environment.

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Future Proofing Your NDIS Service

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Fiona Campbell

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