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May 14
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LinkedIn Marketing… The platform that all B2B marketers should be on. But how well do you actually perform? Are you even on LinkedIn? Do you get the results you desire from the time and effort you actually put in?

Today,  May 5th 2014 LinkedIn will be having its 11th birthday, and this will be celebrated with over 300 million of its users. With over 40% of these users checking their LinkedIn daily, the need to place appealing content in front of these people is important.

So here are 5 quick things your company should be doing if you don’t actively do so already!

1- Join groups that your target market is a part of. This gives you the opportunity to actively converse with your audience at a more personal level, ask the questions you want answers to and truly identify what their real problems are. From here you can shape your products/services/content accordingly to engage this audience.

2- Use your company page daily. Do you even have a company page on LinkedIn? How often are you logging in? As identified by Steve Rayson a company page is a good opportunity to:

“ * Produce targeted status updates
* Display slide presentation content
* Promote your services and products
* Create brand ambassadors from your employees
* Customise your company page for specific audiences
* Build an audience of followers”

3- Share information and content that adds value to your audience. Traditional marketing campaigns no longer do the trick… How often do you find yourself ignoring advertisements and pop-ups? I can’t even remember the last time I clicked on a traditional banner advertisement within a website. Most users on LinkedIn are clicking on interesting information rather than a sales advertisement. Be sure to keep this in mind when posting content to your audiences and provide them with the interesting information that they will be seeking. Much like yourself, reading this article in order to learn 5 great LinkedIn marketing tips!

4- Create measures for your LinkedIn Performance. This can be anything from the amount of new followers through to enquiries or direct sales acquired from your LinkedIn activity. As soon as you measure your actions, you can see what things work well and keep doing them or alternatively what things don’t work well to stop doing them. For more on measuring your LinkedIn success check out an informative article written by Bernard Marr called “8 Measures of Your LinkedIn Success”.

5- Listen and communicate with your audiences. Many companies that have a social media presence will probably know what I’m talking about when I mention the words ‘annoyed customer rant’. Ultimately a customer has a problem and they want their opinion to be heard. Companies should be using their LinkedIn to listen to feedback both positive and negative in order to help them structure their daily operations. If many customers complain about something then change it or stop doing it. If many customers commend you on something then keep doing it and look to better it. Feedback is your greatest friend, so try gain as much as possible.

Now that you have a good idea of what you should be doing on LinkedIn, take a look at what you’re missing and start doing it! Do you have any other great LinkedIn marketing tips? What has worked well for you in the past and what hasn’t?    

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Having trouble building your LinkedIn network? Maybe take a step back and look at the 4 steps to build a strong network of contacts’.

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